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Dersingham are one of the oldest clubs in Norfolk.  The Club has always played at the lovely sports ground in Dersingham.  Through that we have forged links with the local community and schools.

We have two senior teams who play on Saturday and Sundays (weather permitting).  Our senior players train one night a week during the summer at Deringham CC.  We also pride ourselves on developing junior cricketers.  We have developed many Norfolk County players in the last 5 years, and the youth section of Dersingham CC continues to grow.

Brief club history 

Overdue Centenary

In the absence of any official club records or meetings, former Club Treasurer, Heather Barret, has undertaken hours of painstaking research into reports in the Lynn News and its predecessor newspapers, particularly, the "Lynn Advertiser, Wisbeach Constitional Gazette and Norfolk & Cambridgeshire Herald" (yes it was only one newspaper, but with a long title).  It was particularly painstaking because sports news did not have its own section and was spread throughout the paper.  The result was to prove that the Club had missed its Centenary, as the earliest match found so far was in 1880.

Snettishham v Dersingham - July 1880

This match, played at Snettisham, was won by the home side by an innings and 14 runs, although the report points out that "the underhand bowling of the veteran Daniels (Dersingham) proved invaluable to his side".  Daniels (we don't know his initials) took 7 of the 10 Snettisham wickets, highlights how "underhand" (or underarm) bowling was the norm for many years before replaced by over arm bowling.

Other Early Matches

Opposition for Dersingham from 1880 to 1887 was provided by such teams as West Newton, Ingoldisthorpe Rising Star and Castle Rising, with Dersingham wining all four of the games found in the research.  The scores in those games reflect how poor the pitches and outfields were by today's standard.  It was not unusual for both teams to bat twice in an afternoon.  Low scores were normal and in a match against Ingoldisthorpe Rising Star in late April 1886, Ingoldisthrope scores 10 and 23 in their two innings, with Dersingham scoring 27 and 9 for 2 to win by 8 wickets.

Home for the Club

From 1880-1887, all Dersingham matches were played away, but a match report dated 19th May 1888 records: "Through the kindness of Mr. E. Tingay of this place, in providing this Club with a grounds this season, they played their first match in the village on Saturday, with Ingoldisthorpe Club, which resulted in a win for Dersingham on the first innings (36-42)."  Mr. E. Tingay was the tenant of the Manor Farm and it would seem that the Cricket Club, and subsequently the Football Club, have played on the same ground ever since.


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