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Digital Stories - Checklist

Here's just a short checklist of key things to remember when you're creating Digital Stories. At the bottom you can dowload it as a pdf.

  • Above anything Digital Stories should be personal - so keep in any emotion or drama.
  • Think very carefully about what stories you want to tell and what sort of thing you want to say before you get started.
  • Use oral history interviews, club nights, match banter as inspiration.
  • Digital stories should be short – 2-3 minutes long only!
  • Whether you’re using a script or from interviews, stay focussed on the story or theme.
  • Make sure that you have the permission of everyone involved to use their voices or their pictures. Do not forget the release forms!


  • When putting the story together, keep it simple – especially when you’re just starting. You can get some really professional results this way.
  • Your audio track is the most important part of the story, so take great care in putting this together.
  • Build you pictures around the audio track and use them to reflect the tempo of the speaker.
  • Always start with a title slide and end with a credit slide – and make sure that you don’t forget to credit anyone! We have templates of these for you to use if you want to.


  • We’re much more interested in the story itself than something of pristine quality.
  • However, there are a few easy ways to make these digital stories the best they can be:
  1. When recording your audio (from script or from oral history interviews) make sure that there is as little background noise as possible
  2. When editing, cut sparingly and only at zero-crossing points
  3. Always normalise the audio track
  4. Always fade in the audio at the start and fade out at the end
  5. Use cross-fades between the pictures
  6. If using animation or titles, do so with care
  • Always save your project as you go along and keep copies of any original recordings.
  • Try different things out and have fun!