It's just been one great story from when I can first remember, 1946-47, up to today. And I hope it continues for a good few years longer. Ian Morris - Astley Bridge CC
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Free Software

A few different free downloads for you - some that we use, some that we've had recommended to us.

If you need to find other free software, this artcle on '7 essential multimedia tools and their free alternatives' is a good place to start!

'7 essential multimedia tools and their free alternatives'

Any others you recommend - please, let us know!

Audio Editor

At TTF we use audacity, a free, open-source audio editor.

To download audacity, visit the Audacity website

Photo Editors

'GimpShop' - with similar capabilities to PhotoShop and laid out in the same way

GimpShop download

'Photoscape' - a simple, powerful photo-editing tool with easy-to-use features

Photoscape download