It was so innocent as well, no-one swore in the was the pinnacle to play for Astley Bridge Phil Warren - Astley Bridge CC
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Helpful Links

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GEECS blog

One great link for all things techy is the GEECS blog. This where GEECS's outreach team, Mog and Angharad, put all of their tips, links and presentations. Their resources are fantastic and cover a whole wealth of topics

Researching your History

The British Library 19th Century Newspaper collection

The British Library have a great collection of newspapers, the largest in the UK and including many local papers. Much of their catalogue is available online on a pay-per-view basis.

Local History Online

Your local history society is also a great place to go for advice and help. Try the local press, google, or the database here

Oral History

The Oral History Society website

The Oral History Society (OHS) 'promotes the collection, preservation and use of recorded memories of the past'. OHS is the first place to go for any further advice or help. Not only do they have a fantastic website with great practical help, they also run training courses and seminars. There's also a regional network - so you should be able to find more help close by!

OHS Resources - weblinks

The OHS also have a great page with links to different societies and centres of research all over the world.


The internet is full of helpful tips on how to take better photographs and how to edit them. These are just a few sites:



Digital Stories

Again, there is so much help out there for Digital Storymaking. Here are just a few of the key websites:

The Centre for Digital Storytelling

The pioneers of the format, the CDS is 'An international nonprofit training, project development, and research organization that assists youth and adults around the world in using digital media tools to craft and record meaningful stories from their lives and share these stories in ways that enable learning, build community, and inspire justice.'

BBC CaptureWales

The first major Digital Storytelling project in the UK, CaptureWales ran workshops encouraging normal people all across Wales to tell their stories from 2001 until 2008. The results, and plenty of help and advice, can be found here.

BBC CaptureWales links and resources

Links to a number of different Digital Storytelling Projects all over the world.

Daniel Meadows

Photographer and now academic, Daniel Meadows, was a major influence in CaptureWales. His website has plenty of helpful advice, including in-depth, step-by-step tutorials on how to make a Digital Story.