We are known in UAE cricket circles for our heritage and for playing honest cricket in the spirit of the game. Darjeeling CC
Project supported by MCC Lord's and University of Glamorgan

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Oral History - Checklist

Here's just a short checklist to help you out when you're conducting interviews. It can be downloaded and printed out as well (see below)

  • DO get a range of interviewees together of different ages and genders
  • DO make sure that you have the permission (signed release form) of the interviewee to use the material
  • DO ask open, unbiased questions that get people talking
  • DO have some idea about the types of things you want to cover, but let the interview develop naturally
  • DO conduct the interview in as quiet a place as possible
  • DO be courteous and interested in your interviewee
  • DO ask about all subjects around the cricket club and about people’s feelings and thoughts


  • DO record in stereo, ‘.wav’ format and 48kHz 16bit if possible
  • If your recorder doesn’t have a mains supply then DO remember spare batteries!
  • DO immediately back up your recording and clearly label it with the interviewee’s name and date of interview
  • DO thank your interviewee and keep them up-to-date with your progress. Send them to www.takingthefield.com so they know all about us!
  • DO make some good notes of your interview afterwards, using timecodes to help you navigate and giving each interview a list of the ‘themes’ or ‘topics’ covered


  • DON’T interrupt or contradict your interviewee! Be as polite as you can even if you disagree
  • DON’T talk too much in someone else’s interview – if you want to share your stories, get someone to interview you