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Oral History - Release Form

Just a reminder - with any recordings or interviews, the copyright over the recordings belongs to the speaker and before you can use these recordings in public - including uploading to Taking the Field, you need the permission of the interviewee.

When you upload anything to TTF you will have to agree that you have gained this permission - so please make sure that you do!

Below is our specially drafted TTF release form for you to use. Anyone taking part in your interviews or recording for your digital stories needs to sign one of these and you need to keep a copy (I scan each form and keep a back up digitally in case anything happens to the paper ones). Make sure that you, or a representative of your club, also signs the form.

By signing this form, the interviewee agrees they are happy for their words to be used in TTF in any form, and also happy that you as a club can disseminate them if you want to - perhaps in a booklet or a local exhibition. However, with this form the person signing still owns the copyright over their words, they have just agreed to allow TTF and your club to use them in the ways mentioned. If you would rather that your club gained complete copyright over the interview (and therefore could use in anyway they would like) then the oral history society website can offer you more help and advice.

Always explain to your interviewee exactly what they are signing, and tell them about TTF so they can see the results!