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Oral History - Sample TTF Questions

These are the sort of questions that TTF use ourselves when conducting our interviews. The whole point in oral history interviewing is to get people talking – these are really open questions to get the ball rolling.

Don’t forget to tailor these to whoever you’re speaking to and to include particular events you want to find out about, and don’t forget to follow up on the interesting stories that come out of these!

You can also download copies of these questions to print out and take to your interviews. Perhaps consider circulating them before so that your interviewees know the sort of questions that you're going to ask them.


- How long have you been playing for the club?/What was your first match like?

- What was your favourite/most memorable match?
- What was the club’s best season?
- Who were your main rivals? Were there tense matches?
- What was the strangest match?
- How did you celebrate your successes?
- Tell me about the tours
- Do you enjoy playing at home?

- Have any famous teams/players come here?
- Have you played with/against any greats?

- How do you enjoy training/playing with the juniors?/Are they tough to deal with?
- Are there any differences between the boys and the girls?
- What is the club’s relationship with local schools?

- Do you have any funny/interesting/strange stories about matches?
- How important is playing cricket to you?


- How long have you followed the club?
- Describe your weekend when a match was on
- What sort of people played for the club?
- Who are the clubs ‘characters’? Have these changed over the years?
- Tell me about any memorable outings/matches

- What role does the club play in the town/village/community?
- What different fundraising attempts have there been?
- How has the club kept going when times have been tough?
- Are there many different families in the club?
- Who comes along to watch the matches?

- Did you enjoy providing teas? What sort of food did you prepare?

- What did you enjoy about being the club’s groundsman?
- Take me through a year in the groundsman’s life
- Any strange weather you had to deal with?

- What has changed the most?


- Why did you start collecting the club’s history?
- What has been your best discovery?
- What have you found most interesting?