We saw ourselves more and more as not just a cricket club, but we wanted to be part of this cracking village Bob Thorne - Spondon CC
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Sri Lanka

TTF  travelled to the beautiful island of Sri Lanka in early 2012 to include stories from the clubs, schools and people of Sri Lanka.

The Nondescript Cricket Club Nets - training the next generation of Sri Lankan cricketers


On this page, you can find links to all of our Sri Lankan stories, blogs, photographs and interview clips.

Sri Lankan Clubs, Schools and other Teams

First and foremost: for some background to the trip and for hundreds of photographs from everywhere we visited, visit our Sri Lankan Cricket club page.

There are now several pages dedicated to the history of specific Sri Lankan clubs, and more will following in the upcoming weeks.

The Nondescripts Cricket Club - formed in 1888 as a Ceylonese alternative to the British-only clubs that dominated Sri Lanka in the late 19th Century.

The Tamil Union Cricket and Athletic Club - formed in 1899 for the Tamil community in Colombo, now open to cricketers from all ethnic backgrounds.

The Sinhalese Sports Club - also founded in 1899 for Colombo's Sinhalese community, again now open to all and known as Sri Lanka's 'Lords'.

The Sir Lankan National Women's Team - some of the history of women's cricket in Sri Lanka, in particular the recent recognition from Sri Lanka Cricket.


Our first digital stories and audioclips are now available on the website! There are stories from all our clubs, featuring the club's foundations, developing the grounds, school 'big matches' and the effect of the Sri Lankan civil war on cricket.

See the 'stories' section, or go through the Sri Lankan club cricket pages.


Read all of the blogs and updates from the trip. There are 11 from my trip, and a further two since my return (including one from guest bloggers). More will be added as I go through the material back here in the UK. See our 'updates' section.

Tamil Union playing the Sinhalese Sports Club at the P. Sara Oval, Colombo


In the months to come, we'll put up all sorts of material - written and digital - from clubs, schools and charities from across the island. Keep checking this page for new material, or follow us on our facebook page for notifications of when updates go online.

I hope you enjoy!

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TTF's trip to Sri Lanka was organised with the help of the Travelon tour operator in Sri Lanka.
If you're interested in visiting the country, have a look at their website.