It's just been one great story from when I can first remember, 1946-47, up to today. And I hope it continues for a good few years longer. Ian Morris - Astley Bridge CC
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The test isn't quite over yet but it looks pretty certain an England win is on the cards.  I thought I'd jump the gun a little and give you my review of the test, not the play on the field - but my experiences

Day One

Got a real buzz out of seeing the Queen today, even if I didn't get the best of views and had to hang all the way out of a window to get the view I did.

Day Two

At the ground a bit earlier day 2 so got to see the novelty sight of MCC members queuing all down the street to be among the first in the ground - and then running like mad to get the best seat!

Day Three

OK - I will mention the actual cricket for my review of this day.  I loved watching what I could of Joe Roots fantastic innings.

I managed to spend a bit more time in the stands today and it's fabulous to see the ground full to the brim and everyone (a part from perhaps the Aussie fans) having a great time either watching the game or socialising in the picnic area.

Day Four

Today hasn't finished yet, but may favorite sight so far was the stewards having their pre-match huddled (see top picture).  A great 'behind the scenes' moment.


Will I have to add a Day Five tomorrow...

(Some of these photographs provided by Alan Rees)