Every time I pass the club I think of things that happened and the people, and we've stuck together really Fred Guest - Astley Bridge CC
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Behind the scenes at Taking the Field

I've been looking after Taking the Field for about eight weeks now, it's been a lot of fun and lots of hard work.  I hope you've enjoyed the digital stories I've created so far.

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Taking over Taking the Field


We're all missing Emma here at Lord's, but Taking the Field must go on!  I'm currently working hard listening to all Emma's interviews and finding some great material for more digital stories.  Hopefully you'll see one very soon...once I've mastered the technology!  I'm looking forward to coming to visit the clubs next year so I can put some faces to the voices that I'm getting to know so well.


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It’s slightly strange to be writing this today when Lord’s is packed full of people discussing a slightly more important exit from the cricketing world, but, unfortunately, no-one’s arranged a press conference for me so it’s just going to be this blog (!)

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Ceylon Women v England Women, 1st November 1948

The modern Sri Lankan women's team practice in the nets

A guest blog here at TTF - Raf Nicholson, currently researching for a PhD on women's cricket at Queen Mary, University of London (and who you may have heard a few weeks ago on Radio 4's Woman's Hour - still available to listen on iplayer) shares with us a diary entry of a match from 1948 she discovered during her research. An unusual 'whistle-stop' match in Colombo...

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Reflecting on Sri Lanka (1): The 'lovers' quarrel' big match in Galle...


As an addition to the audio clip I’ve just put up here, here’s the best story Rohita Wickramesekara told me about the Richmond-Mahinda big match. I’ve put the story up this way because it’s about a Sri Lankan public figure, and although he passed away many years ago, I still don’t want Rohita to get in any trouble for telling me this story and naming him. So have a listen to Rohita’s introduction to the ‘Lovers’ Quarrel’, and then read this continuation of the story...

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