It has been a privilege to look after the ground. It became my life and the family’s life really Alan Williams - Blaina CC
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Sri Lanka 11: The MCC Centre of Excellence in Seenigama

Lacemaking classes at the MCC Centre's Women's Enterprise Centre

A couple of weeks is really no time at all to experience everything the MCC Centre of Excellence has to offer. A truly amazing centre that offers so many opportunities for local people to improve their lives.

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Sri Lanka 10: The Sports Centre at Seenigama

The Seenigama women's team against the U13s at the Seenigama Oval

I’ve been in Seenigama just over a week now and I think it’s about time you heard about this fantastic place. Firstly, the sports centre, as this is where the cricket takes place!

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Sri Lanka 9: The Cornish Cricket Board's Tour

CCB v. Puttalam district at the Moors' sports ground, Colombo

Joining the Cornish Cricket Board’s U17  tour was a fantastic chance not only to see the Sri Lankan schoolboys but also hear about the efforts of schoolboy cricket in England. Nigel Sanders, the CEO of Cornwall Cricket Board (CCB) and the organiser of the tour told me all about it.

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Sri Lanka 8: District Schools

The Anuradhapura district boys practicing in Dambula

Towards the end of my stay in Colombo a tour organised by Travelon for the Cornish Cricket Board arrived with an U17 side for a week’s cricket against different Sri Lankan schoolboy sides. The guys in the office suggested that I tag along to speak to the coaches of the Sri Lankan sides, and I also thought it would be a great chance to compare the British and Sri Lankan cricket experiences.

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Sri Lanka 7: The Sri Lankan Women's Team

The Sri Lankan women's squad in the nets at the SSC

I’ve been very aware out here that I’ve been interviewing pretty much solely men, who have told me about the men’s game. When I work with British clubs, I’m always keen to hear about the women involved in cricket clubs – and as you know this involvement has grown hugely in most grassroots clubs from tea ladies to coaches and committee members. The picture isn’t quite the same in the Sri Lankan clubs I’ve been speaking to however, a few premier league sides have women’s sides but not all, so I was delighted when Ranjit Fernando introduced me to the coach of the national women’s side from March 2010, Harsha de Silva.

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